Get your Students & Staff COVID Cleared

A Health Self-Certification Tool for School Safety during COVID-19

Get your Team & Guests COVID Cleared

Keep your business running safely and your team healthy.


What is COVID Cleared?

COVID Cleared provides a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to screen your students, staff, and guests for COVID-19 on a daily basis. By logging in to a web-based portal on their mobile phone or desktop computer, users can quickly take a COVID self-assessment questionnaire prior to entering the building or arriving on-site each day.

Each industry we serve has a portal and experience tailored to them.  COVID Cleared has different platform versions unique to your industry!

  • Industry specific portals make COVID Cleared a unique experience for each industry.
  • Mobile & desktop design makes it easy to use on any device.
  • Alerts & notifications contact the user's building, and/or department, as well as special School notifications for bus, and classroom.
  • Detailed filtering organizes results by name, building, department, bus, classroom, and more.
  • Bulk importing let's you easily add all of your users in a snap!
  • Branded with your company or school's name and logo, as well as contact information.
  • Live chat support makes it easy to get assistance when you need it.


As businesses & schools begin to reopen while we combat the COVID-19 pandemic, proactive safety measures are critical to preventing infection. By having each student and staff member take a COVID self-assessment questionnaire each day before coming to work or school, administrators can identify any potential COVID-19 infections before they become a problem, prioritizing safety for your staff and/or students and providing a safe transition back to work and school.

  • Faster, more efficient, and easier to manage than paper questionnaires provided in-person or through mail
  • Readily-accessible data to identify trends, areas of concern, rises in infection, and support contact tracing
  • Web-based COVID check-in app that is easily accessible to all students on any internet-connected device
  • Far more affordable than similar COVID check-in apps for schools


Staff, guests, parents, and students can simply visit your personalized website address in their web browsers, or a staff member can do so at the building's entrance. The questionnaire will ask a series of COVID related questions. Based on the responses, there will be a prompt with a response indicating either clearance of disqualification to be on-site that day. Submissions are tracked on a daily basis, unique to that individual, and notifications are provided to administration.


COVID Cleared was created as a response to the astronomical costs others were charging for similar platforms.

We believe business and schools of all sizes and budgets deserve an affordable, yet feature-rich tool to be safe during the pandemic.

Up to 150 users

$490 / Year

  • User Portal to Manage Staff, Students, and Guests
  • Branded with your Company or School Logo
  • Reporting to Easily Monitor Daily Entries
  • Guest Self-Certification Portal
  • Industry Specific notifications
    Buses, Classrooms, Buildings, Departments, and more!
  • Amazing Support
  • On-Going Development
    (Tell us what you need!)
  • Up to 150 users
    or 150 daily submissions
  • $99 One-Time Setup Fee

For those with over 150 users

$4.90 / Per User / Year

  • All of the features included in Starter!
  • Requires more than 150 users
    or more than 150 daily submissions
  • $99 One-Time Setup Fee

Want to see it in action?

Looking for a demo of COVID Cleared to see how it can benefit your organization?  Schedule a demo and we'll show you how it works and answer your questions.  We'll do all of this without ever pressuring you to buy!

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